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Over-the-Board Mount

AV Mounts USA creates over-the-board display mounts for quick and easy installation in classrooms. Our solution allows educators to leverage their interactive learning technology without removing existing construction. These products save time, stretch budgets and avoid the potential risk of exposing dangerous materials.

*Disclaimer: The black bar seen spanning the mount in some images is not included with the purchase of an Over-The-Board Mount.

Fast, Flexible Installations

These classroom mounts are designed by installers, for installers. They come with all the necessary hardware and simple instructions for securely mounting on multiple wall types.

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Wood- or Metal-Stud Walls

Your buildings and grounds team will need only a few standard tools to mount the interactive flat panel (IFP) bracket. These include: 

  • 7/16-inch wrench or nut driver

  • Stud finder

  • Pencil

  • Level

  • Tape measure

  • Screwdriver

  • Drill and the correct drill bits for the material

We also recommend using toggle anchors or bolts for metal-stud walls to promote more stability.

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OTBM 20220610 (5).jpg

Concrete or Block Walls

These solutions also mount easily to concrete or block walls with the tools listed above and:

  • A hammer or SDS drill

  • Concrete screws

For safety in cinder block construction, installers should ensure the mounts are secured to the block and not the mortar.

Incredible Value

We know schools operate on tight budgets and must maximize every dollar they spend. AV Mounts USA helps by delivering value through:

AVMounts USA

Domestic Sourcing and Production

All our materials come from U.S.-based suppliers, and we manufacture our mounts in our Pennsylvania facility. That allows us to eliminate supply chain delays and extra costs.

Fast, Free Shipping

We keep a consistent stock to fill orders rapidly. All mounts ship at no cost to you.

AVMounts USA

Durability for Long-Lasting Use

AV Mounts USA uses a white powder-coat finish to produce a smooth, visually appealing bracket. This finish resists chipping and is easy to maintain.

AVMounts USA

Universal Fit

Our mounts adjust to IFP screen sizes between 42 and 98 inches and can support up to 400 pounds. That makes them compatible with most smart board brands available.

AVMounts USA

Proven Quality

AV Mounts USA adheres to strict quality standards. We've also submitted our products for third-party testing to verify their performance.

Accessories Available

  • 42" rails to allow up to 84" overall length

  • 6" deep kit for deeper chalk trays

  • Stabilizer feet for large panel installs

Risk-Reducing Innovative Design

Our cost-effective and innovative over-the-board design means:

  • There's no damage to the chalk- and whiteboards underneath.

  • There's no need to remove those items and potentially expose hazardous materials.

  • There are no major classroom renovation expenses.

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Trust AV Mounts USA for Over-the-Board Display Mounts

AV Mounts is a certified woman-owned small business providing exceptional responsiveness and customer service.​

Contact us for a free quote or more information.​

OTBM 20220610 (8).jpg
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