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Sliding vs. Fixed IFP Mount

Sliding vs. Fixed IFP Mount

Efficiency and maximizing space and resources are important for teachers and school administrators to perform their roles optimally. As a teacher, you know the impact of using technology to your advantage and how it affects your students. The use of interactive flat panel (IFP) boards in an educational environment is advantageous to the development of cognitive skills in students of all age groups. This mode of interactive learning technology encourages teamwork, out-of-the-box thinking, active collaboration and problem-solving skills.

When you're using a smart board to facilitate a class, where you position it is essential for various reasons. The fixture must always be secure whether you use a fixed or sliding mount. We will look at the differences between a fixed smart board mount and a sliding mount and why you should choose AVMountsUSA for your over-the-board mount solution.

What Is a Fixed Smart Board Mount?

A fixed smart board mount is placed and positioned to remain stationary. The IFP is fitted onto the mount and secured in place to prevent it from moving around. This limits the risk of damage and other potential dangers.

Benefits of Using a Fixed Smart Board Mount

A fixed interactive flat panel mount has more benefits compared to a sliding mount. Here are a few reasons why it is a better option:

  • Limits sliding: The fact that it is fixed means it won't slide across while you're busy on the interactive whiteboard, disrupting your lesson.

  • Eliminates distractions: A moving board is more likely to distract students, whereas a fixed, mounted board promotes focus and concentration.

  • Less damage: You are less likely to experience damage to the IFP cables and the unit itself when it's fixed in a stationary position. Cables remain intact and any objects in the room are safe from being knocked around.

  • Full IFP utilization: Since the whole interactive panel is displayed, you will likely use it at full capacity. You still have space to use the chalkboard or whiteboard but the primary method of learning is done through an invaluable, expensive resource that has more advantages over the traditional boards and should be used accordingly.

  • No track requirements: A fixed mount means tracks don't have to be installed for the interactive board to slide on. It is straightforward to attach with brackets and other tools.

  • Installation: Installing a fixed smart board mount is cheaper and easier than a sliding mount because it has no moving parts.

What Is a Sliding Smart Board Mount?

A sliding smart board mount is mobile and moves horizontally across tracks that are fitted into the wall. The interactive whiteboard is attached to the mount and held in place — however, users are able to move the board across from one side of the room to the other. In most cases, it is mobile so instructors can use the chalkboard underneath or sections of it covered by the smart board.

Drawbacks of Using a Sliding Smart Board Mount

There are a few drawbacks to using a sliding smart board mount in your classroom setting. Consider some of the most common issues teachers face with sliding smart board mounts:

  • Cable damage: The constant sliding action may eventually wear out your interactive board cables by causing strain through stretching.

  • Specific track requirements: The mount tracks require a smooth surface without bumps, outlets and conduits that will interfere with its ability to slide horizontally.

  • Wasted resource: Users tend to push the expensive smart board investment tool aside because the mount allows it to slide easily, in favor of using other resources like a chalkboard or whiteboard.

  • Prone to damage: A panel is more prone to damage due to the risk when the entire panel moves. It could bump into tables and other furniture nearby.

  • Pre-installed whiteboard: The panel may have a pre-installed whiteboard, meaning it would cover another whiteboard, thus defeating the purpose.

  • Potential failure: There's always an increased risk of electrical or mechanical failure any time a part moves.

  • Compatible tracks: You may find that the tracks don't fit the bulletin boards above the chalkboard, limiting the mount's functionality.

  • Installation: It is usually more expensive to purchase and install a sliding mount and the rails must be done professionally for the tracks to fit.

What Is an Over-the-Board Mount?

An over-the-board (OTB) mount is a temporary or permanent fixture used to hold an interactive flat panel in place over an existing whiteboard or chalkboard. It requires minimal effort to install as it has few parts and can be done by the school's facilities team. It is also largely used in business applications such as conference and meeting rooms.

Like a fixed smart board mount, using an OTB mount has its advantages, including:

  • Versatility: You may choose to use an OTB mount as a temporary solution or leave it as a fixed structure in your classroom. Some prefer to take it along if they change venues and there isn't one in the new location.

  • Installation: Almost anyone can fit an OTB mount because of its simplistic construction and minimal hardware involved. You only need a few tools to secure and install one.

  • Save time: The installation process is quick so you save time and effort.

  • Cost-effective: Having fewer parts means you spend less money on product materials like tracks and other intricate components. You can also save money on installation costs if you choose to install it yourself. If you do contact a professional contractor, you won't be charged as much since there is less labor and fewer required tools.

  • Safe: This mount is made of highly durable material and is safe to install and use. Since it is fixed, there is less risk of damage to existing structures.

  • Universal fit: You won't have to worry about the size of your IFP and whether the mount will fit. They accommodate most brands, sizes and models.

  • Fast shipping: If you need it in a hurry, these mounts can be shipped to you quickly and at no cost.

  • Wall types: OTB mounts can be fixed into any type of wall, including wood, metal stud, concrete or block walls.

Choose AVMountsUSA's Over-the-Board Mount Solution

AVMountsUSA offers high-quality over-the-board mounts suited for multiple applications. From the classroom to the boardroom, we manage all your interactive display expectations by providing you with the most efficient mount solution for your unique needs. We consider your budget and time constraints and factor this in by sourcing materials domestically and shipping the units for free, for extra peace of mind.

We are excited to work with you to convert your learning environment into one that is technologically equipped with the best IFP over-the-board mount. Call us at 717-610-0783 or contact us with details of your request and we will get in touch to discuss it further.


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