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Merlyn Mount

AV Mounts USA is a certified woman-owned business on a mission to bring classrooms affordable mounting solutions for their smart learning devices. Our ruggedly constructed smart classroom device mounts offer simple installation and allow schools to affix Symphony Classroom devices and other speaker systems using interactive flat panel (IFP) or television mounts already in place or being installed.

Symphony Classroom by Merlyn Mind Classroom Mount

Merlyn is a fast-growing smart classroom device offering advantages like voice-controlled operation. Our Symphony Classroom mount allows you to secure the device without the downside of traditional approaches. Some benefits of using this product include:

No Major Renovation Expenses

We've created the Symphony Classroom Merlyn Mind mount to use existing or new interactive flat panel (IFP) or television mounts already in place in your classrooms. This design means drilling new holes and new mounting hardware is unnecessary, which helps save time and money — a valuable benefit for schools operating on tight budgets.

No Potential Risk of Exposure to Hazardous Materials

Depending on your building's age, disturbing the current construction could lead to exposing hazardous materials like asbestos. Our Merlyn mount eliminates that risk. They attach directly to the TV or panel mount, so you can rest assured the classroom environment remains safe.

Our Mounting Solution

AV Mounts USA has developed an innovative, easy-to-use Merlyn Mind bracket distinct from any other option on the market. Our mounts distinguish themselves through advantages like:

  • Simple installations: We know the challenges of securing IFPs. Our mounts are designed by installers, for installers and include all the hardware you need.

  • Incredible versatility: Our Merlyn mount brackets offer a universal fit and are compatible with television or interactive flat panel (IFP) installation. 

  • Less supply chain risk: AV Mounts USA sources domestic materials and manufactures our mounts in our Pennsylvania-based plant, which helps guard against supply chain disruptions and delay costs.

  • Greater quality assurance: We follow rigid quality standards for high-performance results. Our team has also partnered with a third-party testing lab to verify our product specs.

  • Enhanced visual appeal: AV Mounts USA applies a durable powder coating to our brackets that produces a low-maintenance, attractive finish.

  • Convenient customization: Some classrooms present one-of-a-kind challenges. We're here with the expertise to help design a custom solution for unique needs.

  • Superior value: AV Mounts USA offers fast order fulfillment. We also ship all mounts at no cost to you, making our brackets even more cost-effective.

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Contact AV Mounts USA for Your Symphony Classroom Mount

AV Mounts USA is committed to backing our innovative products with responsive and personalized attention. Experience our exceptional customer service firsthand — our specialists are available to help you choose the best Merlyn mount or provide information on our custom-design services.

Connect with a team member online or by calling 717-276-4836 today for more information.

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