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Benefits of Interactive Display Installations in Workplaces

Interactive Display In a Classroom

Interactive displays are an effective tool in schools that help teachers increase student retention and attentiveness. But did you know that many of the benefits of these smart boards at school extend to the workplace?

As a business owner, you always look for ways to implement strategies that will positively impact the bottom line and offer smart business solutions to needs. One way you can make technological advances in the workplace is with the installation of an interactive monitor. Read on to learn more about the benefits of touchscreen display monitor installations in the workplace, from their numerous capabilities to the communication they encourage.

1. Numerous Capabilities

An interactive touchscreen monitor, also known as an interactive whiteboard, is mounted on a wall in a classroom, office or other learning or corporate setting. It resembles a traditional whiteboard in some ways. However, its capabilities are far more advanced than a static, limited whiteboard.

An interactive display is easy to use. It connects to a computer using an HDMI cable and displays everything on the computer screen. It is also receptive to touch, so you can write and move things around on it the same way you'd use a mouse and a keyboard with a computer.

Some smart board capabilities include:

  • Touch screen: Interactive flat panels allow users to write and interact directly on the screen using their hands or a stylus. No more worrying about pesky dry-erase markers running out of ink!

  • All-in-one tool: They can be used to explore the internet, write notes and display presentations, making it an all-in-one tool for the classroom and office. These boards can also accommodate software and apps for additional functionality. Users do not have to switch between platforms — they can do it all with a touchscreen monitor!

  • Interactive activity participation: With smart boards, the days of lecturing day in and day out are over. Presenters can get everyone involved. In the classroom, they can create interactive quizzes. In the office, they can ask employees to write their own ideas on the interactive board.

  • Remote engagement: Users participating remotely can connect and interact during meetings. Remote workers can share files, collaborate with other employees in real time and take notes.

  • Multi-touch: A significant feature of interactive flat panels is that they are not limited to single-user operation but can be accessed and utilized by multiple users simultaneously. This encourages group participation and expressive cooperation between users.

  • Screen mirroring: This feature is no longer limited to smart TVs and mobile phones. You can now connect your phone or tablet to an interactive display using screen mirroring, which makes it easy for employees to present information.

2. Cost-Effectiveness

You may pay more upfront to purchase an interactive monitor and its software, but the reward far outweighs the cost in the long run. Upfront costs are largely determined by the size — the bigger, the pricier. However, this investment will eventually provide a fruitful return for your business. Smart boards can last for years when properly taken care of and they often receive updates periodically.

Explore some other savings you can enjoy when investing in one.

Energy Savings

Most interactive flat panels are energy-efficient, which could help you save on energy bills. Many include screens with sensors that allow them to wake up and sleep automatically, and they may have other settings that can reduce energy consumption. Additionally, with these smart monitors, you'll likely use less paper. Reduced paper usage helps you create a more sustainable environment that benefits everyone.

Extra Equipment Savings

Interactive monitors are an all-in-one solution that minimizes the need for additional equipment such as projectors or camera equipment for remote students or workers. You can save on these costs and the minimal costs that go into maintaining a traditional whiteboard, such as purchasing new markers and erasers.

3. Increased Employee Education and Collaboration

Over-The-Board Mount In Use

Maintaining a work environment that is conducive to ongoing learning and development is instrumental to any business's success. Employers who are committed to creating a learning culture generally encourage employees to have growth mindsets that will help them progress in their roles at the company. This mindset fosters individual development and overall workplace gratification.

Interactive displays facilitate a better understanding of concepts by demonstrating them in a live, tangible environment as opposed to a static board that requires constant writing and erasing.

In addition to fostering employee education, they encourage collaboration. Group activities are easier to manage and fun to engage in with interactive panels. All employees can participate in meetings and activities, even those who work from home. And when collaboration improves, communication between employees improves, which can lead to greater employee satisfaction.

4. Higher Productivity

Employees can collaborate with one another to generate more ideas and use the various smart monitor features to increase their productivity. These displays are inherently engaging — they hold people's attention, which can help keep people focused on the task at hand, increasing productivity.

5. Improved Remote Worker Communication

Using interactive smart boards is an ideal way of including remote workers. Most meetings are held via Zoom, Teams or other platforms, but involvement is limited since the speaker or presenter can only share their screen. Even so, what they share is usually already in PowerPoint format, so changes or notes are difficult to make in the moment.

A few advantages of using them for remote-friendly meetings include:

  • Better visual and interactive representation of content like charts and graphs.

  • More opportunities for brainstorming since the interactive flat panel can double as a whiteboard.

  • Recording capabilities so that employees who miss meetings can view them later.

6. Easy Installation

With an over-the-board interactive display mount, you won't have to worry about damaging fixed structures that are currently in place. These mounts are easy to install and allow you to incorporate interactive learning technology without removing existing construction like whiteboards. All you need to do is place the mount over your existing board.

A huge benefit of these mounts involves cost savings — you won't have to completely renovate a conference room to accommodate a smart board, and the mount is easy to assemble and disassemble if you need to move it to another meeting room.

Contact AVMountsUSA for Your Over-the-Board Mount Installation

Demonstration of How to Use The Over-The-Board Mount

AVMountsUSA has the mount you need to secure your interactive smart monitor. Our over-the-board mounts are manufactured locally, extremely durable and provide a universal fit for any smart board size and model. Our service is efficient, professional and fast, with quick shipping and free shipping options.

When you are ready to have your interactive display mounted, complete a contact form, and we'll get in touch as soon as possible.


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